Our Benefits


1.Value to you

We understand the very high stakes involved in getting the right person in to lead your company to new heights. We are here to build teams to successfully meet the countless challenges in a competitive and dynamic business environment. We take your future success very seriously.

2.Commitment to deliver

We are committed to deliver the best-suited executives to you. We guarantee the search consultant assigned to your case will dedicate his/her time to your project.

3.Priority status

Our clients interests will always come first. We ensure that your search assignment will always take priority, and will not be sidelined by other, bigger searches. We value all our clients - regardless of size, nationality or other factors - as you and we are in this together, and for the long term.

4.Risk management

Our professional involvement in the search process helps you to reduce the risks of hiring an unsuitable executive. As a third party, we are able to unearth information about the executives which could otherwise remain hidden from sources that you might be unable to access.


We maintain your confidentiality until the very moment you choose to meet our proposed executive(s). This anonymity is crucial to prevent word from getting to your competitors, thus exposing a potential short-term weakness.

6.Personalised Service

You communicate directly with our search consultant for speed and efficiency.

7.Constant interaction and feedback

We keep our communication lines open between our search consultant and your search committee / representative. And we strongly encourage you to be generous with feedback and keep us informed of new developments within the company that may impact the previously determined job scope for the new executive.


Our search consultant will present all information gathered on the executive candidates, warts and all, so that you can decide with your eyes open.

9. Professionalism and integrity

We adhere to the highest professional standards of practice. We take pride in the fact that we are here to help our clients take positive strides into the unknown future.

We go beyond the task of simply rounding up executives that look good on paper and presenting them to you. We will help you determine if a search is really needed, and if there are any factors that may prevent a selected executive from performing successfully in the job.

10. Proven networking and screening experience

We have accumulated a large network of contacts in many industries, and this, along with our networks, will help us tremendously in our search for prospective candidates. In addition, our proven experience in screening candidates will come in handy to sieve good potential candidates from the rest of the pack.

11. Shared interests

Once we accept an engagement, we will be on the same boat as our client. Treat us as an extension of your internal staff.

12. Long term interest in your success

Our search consultant will continue to work on the search assignment actively, even if the retainer fee has been fully paid. We remain interested in the progress of the executives we have helped to recruit even after they have taken up their new positions. We do our best to help our clients and executives with the integration process in whatever way we can. We believe that a truly successfully search is one where, one or two years after an executive is hired, both client and candidate can say the new relationship was created to everyone favour.

From the moment the search commences, we will be totally committed to partnering with you as an extension to your internal staff, and will diligently promote your firm and the position under search, so that in effect we will be functioning as part of your public relations effort, complying fully with any confidentiality issues that may be present.

We look forward to healthy, long-term working relationships with all our clients. We will not resort to short-sighted, corner-cutting measures just to get the current case closed.